Testimonials & Evaluations

Daphne Levenson

Chief Gregory Scott McCauley - Seagraves Police Department Apr 5, 2016

My name is Gregory Scott McCauley. I am currently the Police Chief in Seagraves, Texas. I was at the June class in 2014, in Huntsville, Texas. At that time, I was the Police Chief in Arp, Texas. I wanted to let you know that of all the training I have been through at the TPCLS, and I am in my 10th Class now, your training has by far impacted my career more than any other training….. I just wanted you to see how your training has affected me and the City I now work for, and to thank you.

Glenn M Greenwell - Police Captain/Division Commander Texarkana PD August 10, 2016

I have attended Social Media Training provided by Daphne Levenson. Her courses and teaching style are "top notch" moving our agency out of the dark ages in the use of social media to get our message out marketing both the Texarkana Police Department and City to our community. She was well pre-pared and provided good training and value for the money spent on the social media class. We hope to Have her come back to Texarkana in the future to provide additional training opportunities.

Jennifer Blaine - Associate Superintendent at Spring Branch ISD September 30, 2015

Daphne came to the Spring Branch ISD for a week to train our parents, faculty and staff on how to educate and keep our kids safe on social media and the internet. This honest, straightforward and transparent presentation and corresponding dialogue was vital as a step toward the school district and the community working together as a team on behalf of our students/children. Our school community is now aware that this "issue" is not going away. Rather, we have to teach our children how to respond and put these issues in context so that they do not become the victim of bullying, harassment and/or online predators. As the Associate Superintendent for Administration and Operations charged with the responsibility of keeping our children safe, I highly recommend bringing Daphne to your district.

Moamer Qazafi - Chief Communications Officer at Georgetown University in Qatar May 24, 2016

Daphne was quite knowledgeable and superb in her presentation style. Her experience with law enforcement and both as a parent really brings it all together. She provides insights that every parent and every law enforcement officer and agency must have. We are living in a whole new world folks and if you think you are safe, let Daphne walk you through the mired world our youth are facing.