NextGenTraining Internet Safety Sexting, Sextortion & Sexploitation Training 

1970's-1980's - US 

2017 - THEM

"Digital Citizenship" education using magic tricks, comedy and dancing make children, parents & schools 

THINK  they know what's on the web;

BELIEVE they are smarter that they are;   

FEEL like they are prepared to deal with anyone online;

Predators LOVE this type of training because it gives the parents, children, and schools a false sense of security.  


I trained law enforcement for the Department of Justice for 17 years. My classes teach parents, teens, school administrators and criminal justice professionals how predators work and how to defend yourselves. I AM ALSO A MOTHER - My goal is not to ruin their innocence, but I do give them REAL information (age appropriate), the same info I give my SON and his friends, to warn, protect and EMPOWER them!


Adults must acknowledge our children will always KNOW MORE about technology than we do.  Kids need to know they will NEVER be smarter than Predators, Companies, and Hackers. The KINDEST thing we can do for our children is PROTECT them! Kids, parents, schools and criminal justice working together, against Predators, takes KNOWLEDGE, TEAMWORK & EMPOWERMENT!! 

NextGenTraining Internet Safety Sexting, Sextortion & Sexploitation Training & Education Includes:

1. The Players: Authorities, Kids & Internet Predators

  •    Who are the Predators?
    •    Individuals (Known, Unknown, Adults, Kids...)

    •    Organized Crime

    •    Companies 

2. How Predators Use the Internet to Stalk Children for Sexting, Sextortion & Victimization

  •   Catfishing ​& Hacking

  •   Our Brain & Biases ​Working Against Us  

3. Prevention, Education & Monitoring: Elementary Through High School

4. Bullying, Suicide, Peer Pressure & Social Media  

5. Applications & Devices Kids Use Adults Don't Know About  

6. Violence Against Women in the Internet & Video Game Culture

7. Big Data: Protecting Your Future On-line

  •     How to lose scholarships, jobs, & go to jail with one post

  •     Who collects data on us and what they collect 

8. Preventing Predators & Victimization in 2017 and beyond

  •       ​Federal & State Laws
  •       A Team Approach​ To Defending Against Predators



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