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Autism & Alzheimer's for Public Safety

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Skills Obtained: Awareness, Investigation/Missing, Interacting with person’s with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers. Course Description: Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) causes brain deterioration. Officers and their supervisors needs accurate information to be safe and ensure public safety when dealing with these individuals. Person’s with AD may be diagnosed or not, may not comprehend or comply with verbal commands and may present a threat to public safety. This 8 hour class will provide the knowledge and information for an agnecy to respond to incidents with persons with Alzheimer’s. Course Objectives: • How to recognize the signs/symptoms of a person with AD • Understanding the disease and behaviors of persons with AD • When, why, or how law enforcement may encounter a person with AD • Effectively interviewing a person with AD or care givers • Conducting a search & rescue for a missing person with AD and effectively using the media in these investigations • Establishing policies for handling a cases with a person with AD • Review available locative devices and other resources for AD Recommended Audience: This class is delivered as an awareness level course for Chiefs, Sheriffs, Commanders, PIO’s, patrol officers, Detectives, EMT’s, dispatchers, etc.

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284 Chiles Ln, Denison, TX 75020, USA

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