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I was at the June class in 2014, in Huntsville, Texas.  I wanted to let you know that of all the training I have been through at the TPCLS, and I am in my 10th class now, your training has by far impacted my career more than any other training….. I just wanted you to see how your training has affected me and the City I now work for, and to thank you.

Chief Gregory Scott McAuley

Seagraves Police

This course IS NOT a Basic 101 how to set up and post course.  This course offers solid foundation practices but addresses policy and information sharing issues that concern agency leaders.  


Course Objectives

1. Delivering “Joe Friday” Public Information in a “Sheriff Clark“ world endangers officers lives 

2. Ensuing truthful reporting in a fake news world

3. Grooming citizens as crime fighters instead of journalist

4. Balancing Act —How much should you post of what?

5.  Growing Social Media in Your Agency

       A. Mission, Community Policing & Procedural Justice

       B. Social Media Return on Investment (ROI)

       C. More employees posting without losing control

       D. Avoiding PIO burning out

6. How new Social Media & Big Data trends will affect LE

7. Why Government & Police Social Media should differ

8. Effective PSA's for different audiences & cultures

9. Social Media Best Practices for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Dashboards & Live Video Streaming 

10. Social Media Policies, Analytics & Growing Internet Crimes 


Recommended Audience:  Police CEO'S, Commanders, and Supervisors over PIO/Social Media, Patrol, Communication, and Dispatch.  Any staff members you are considering allowing to post on social media in the future. 


Government members who need an understanding of why and how social media is necessary for Law Enforcement agencies and why it should be separated from more general government sites.  


Although this course uses predominately Law Enforcment examples many members of Fire Departments, Courts, DA's etc., have taken this course and rated it very highly. We have also developed and delivered specialized courses for DA's Associations, City Governments, Public Works and EMS.   


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