Hey, Do You? Can You? Will You?  


Are your classes POST Certified?   

We have worked with POST and CEU entities all over the country.  We will provide you with everything they need to "certify" our courses. 


Multiple classes across a State or Region?  

Yes! It is often easier on the trainer and reduces travel cost  


Are you flexible on presentation times & formats (keynote, breakouts, etc.)?

Yes!  However, we prefer not to do any presentation less than 1.45 minutes


My (entity) has a horrible payment processing system, are you flexible?

Yes! We have worked with every level of Government, we understand and will even "split checks" if needed. 


Do you need any special needs or conditions?

Not Really.  We do not work with Diva Trainers.  We do like to use our own laptops because we use a lot of videos & we like to get in early to set up.   


Do you charge to customize course?

No, we want to deliver the most relevant, impactful training possible. The more we know about the audience (size, experience, recent issues) the better.


We only show classes open for "public" registration. Conference bookings or private classes are not published. Several of our trainers teach multiple topics.

Quick date/topic check?

Call 504-232-5104 or email Training@NextGenTraining.org  

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