Strategic Social Media

Strategic Social Media to Advance Your Agency Mission

This class shows how to use social media as a purposeful tool to achieve your Agencies Mission, Goals and branding. This will mean changing the view of it in your Department from a feel-good-PIO-add-on to a purposeful communication tool to provide transparency, legitimacy, voice, inside and outside your agency, and REPLACES the old system of media-driven information in your community.

Course Objectives

1. How Social Media has Changed Media & our Citizens

2. Has Social Media Changed your Agency?.

3. Law Enforcement Social Media tools

4. Popular Social Media Apps Explained

5. Best Practices & Managing Social Media

6. 2018 Trends and how they Impact Policing

7. How Social Media has Changed our Brains and Crime

Recommended Audience:

Agency CEO’s, Commanders, Supervisors of Patrol, Dispatch, Detectives, PIO’s, anyone who may post in the future.

We have also developed and delivered specialized Social Media Courses for DA's Associations, City Governments, Public Works, EMS, Fire Departments, Courts, and their PIO's; ALL have been rated very highly. Call for References.