Procedural Justice

Procedural Justice: Transparency & Fairness Inside & Out

Course Description

Most Procedural Justice courses focus exclusively on theory and ideology, our 8-hour class uses case studies, videos, and policy to show PRACTICAL APPLICATION of how Procedural Justice is applied within an agency and community.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand Procedural Justice components: Fairness, Voice, Transparency, and Impartiality & their place in our profession and agencies
  • How Procedural Justice enriches our fundamentals and works around the world and with Community Oriented Policing
  • How to incorporate Procedural Justice core principles into all aspects of the organization: Hiring, Training, Discipline, Policies, Communication, Community Relationships, Resource Allocation, etc.
  • How Procedural Justice creates a better working environment, promotes officer safety and decreases citizen complaints
  • How Procedural Justice works with Risk Management to decrease department liability
  • How Procedural Justice bridges the gap between community members & creates a new, positive “Us vs. Them” with our citizens & the Law Enforcement profession