Frisco Internet Safety Free Community Workshop

Who is Invited:

Public, No Registration, Frisco Residents, Parents of FISD Students,


City Council Chambers located at 6101 Frisco Square Blvd, Frisco, TX 75034


April 17th, 2019 - 7pm - No registration required.

Internet Safety In a Fast Moving Digital World

Fact: The first iPhone came out in 2007 - Only 12 years ago!

Fact: It takes around 10 years for laws to catch-up with new technology.

In the meantime, the digital world continues to evolve, new threats and types of victimization emerge daily. Predators "hack" into our lives exploiting both human and/or technological weaknesses to obtain money and power. Companies are more interested in profit than protecting customers and families. This workshop is hosted at no cost by the Frisco Police Department will cover the following:

  • How predators exploit the communication gap between Digital Immigrants & Digital Natives*
  • Motives for human and technical breaches: Financial/personal details, pictures/video, ruin reputations, obtain insider information, complete a challenge, fun/power.
  • Types of Predators: School, Organized Crime, Lone Wolf, Companies, Games & Web Challenges, etc.
  • Prevention, Education & Monitoring Resources for Homes, Phones, Wifi networks, etc.

This is not a technical class; this workshop is an overview of methods and measures you can take to protect yourself and family from Internet predators. No sales pitches or anything to purchase - Just a safer community!

Presenter: Daphne Levenson developed and delivered training for the Department of Justice for 17 years. She has taught at the Frisco Police Department numourous times as well as conferences such as: Texas Association of Chiefs of Police, Texas School Safety Center, several FISD schools, private businesses, community groups and more. She and her husband, retired Police LT. Hank Levenson, Frisco residents, own a public safety consulting business. Their son attends school in Frisco. Daphne has taught numerous Social Media Safety workshops in schools, police departments, and businesses.