Autism & Alzheimer's Public Safety Response

Course Description:

This 8-hour class provides participants with the knowledge and information needed for effective response to calls involving people with Alzheimer's or Autism, their caretakers, and community members. Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Dispatchers, and their supervisors, need accurate information and understanding to work with and to ensure the safety of citizens, caregivers and responders when dealing with these individuals who may not comprehend or comply with verbal commands, when frightened can present a threat, and often cannot process life threatening conditions like dehydration or extreme temperatures.

Course Objectives:

· How to recognize the signs/symptoms

· Understanding the behaviors and mental process’s

· When, why, or how public safety may encounter these individuals

· Effectively interviewing a person or their caregivers

· Conducting a search and rescue including: involving citizens and social media

· Establishing policies for handling cases involving Alzheimer's or Autism

· Review available locative devices and local resources

Recommended Audience:

This class is delivered as an awareness level course for Commanders, PIO’s, Supervisors, Patrol Officers, Detectives, EMT’s/Firefighters, dispatchers, etc.