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I was at the June class in 2014, in Huntsville, Texas.  I wanted to let you know that of all the training I have been through at the TPCLS, and I am in my 10th class now, your training has by far impacted my career more than any other training….. I just wanted you to see how your training has affected me and the City I now work for, and to thank you.

Chief Gregory Scott McAuley

Seagraves Police

Strategic Social Media to Advance Your Agency Mission


Most Agencies start a social media page to keep up with the agency next door. They stumble through it guided by like and followers.  This class shows how to use social media as a purposeful tool to achieve your Agencies Mission, Goals and branding.  This will mean changing the view of it in your Department from a feel-good-PIO-add-on to a purposeful communication machine which provides transparency, legitimacy, voice, inside and outside your agency, and REPLACES the old system of media-driven information in your community.


Course Objectives

1. How social media has changed the media & our citizens.
2. Has it changed your agency? How it should!
      i. Not an add-on anymore! A primary tool for achieving your Mission & Goals.
     ii. Community Policing & Procedural Justice
2. Law enforcement uses of social media tools
3. Engagement, Analytics & apps explained
4. Managing social media
5. 2017-18 Trends and how they impact policing
6. How social media has changed our brains and crime


Recommended Audience: Agency CEO’s, Commanders, Supervisors of Patrol,
Dispatch, Detectives, PIO’s, anyone who may post in the future.


Although this course uses predominately Law Enforcement many members of Fire Departments, Courts, DA's etc., have taken this course and rated it very highly. We have also developed and delivered specialized training for DA's Associations, City Governments, Public Works and EMS.   



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