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Jennifer Blaine

Associate Superintendent at Spring Branch ISD

"Daphne came to the Spring Branch ISD for a week to train our parents, faculty, and staff on how educate and keep our kids safe on social media and the internet. This honest, straightforward and transparent presentation and corresponding dialogue was vital as a step toward the school district and the community working together as a team on behalf of our students/children. Our school community is now aware that this "issue" is not going away. Rather, we have to teach our children how to respond and put these issues in context so that they do not become the victim of bullying, harassment and/or online predators. 
As the Associate Superintendent for Administration and Operations charged with the responsibility of keeping our children safe, I highly recommend bringing Daphne to your district." 

September 30, 2015 

NGT Participant Evaluation Responses to:

“What are the first three words that come to mind about today’s workshop.”


School Administration and Officers In-Service

“Educational-Informative-Worthwhile, Sad-Necessary-Educational, Use-new-laws, Very-much-needed, It’s-about-time,  Stop-Blame-Denial-Naivetés, Informative-Detailed, Parents-should-know, Reality-Educate-Proactive, OMG-Enlightening-Frightening, Education-Monitor-Communicate, Predators-Uncontrollable-Access, Porn-Desensitizes-Kids, Informative-In-your-face-necessary, Reserved-Series-Information, Video’s-were-AWESOME, We-can’t-catch-up-Good-Resources-Necessary, Educate-Investigate-Prosecute, WOW-Unbelievable-Serious, Informational-Overwhelming-Solutions, Scary-Share-Action...


Parents (Same Question)

“Educate-our-kids, Frighten-Scary-Eyes-opened, Teach them early, Freighted-Empowered-Thank you, Talk-to- kids-non-judgmentally,  Listen-Communicate-Awareness, Scary-Informative-Scary, Kids-know-more-than-parents—Predators-know-more-than-kids, Every-parent-should-attend!, shock-disappointment-action, eye-opening-helpful-critical, WOW-eye-opening-Informative, Thanks-a-lot!, Knowledge-Awareness-Well-Delivered, Eye-opening-Informative-Well-Done, Thank-you-Thank-you-Thank-you, Oh-my-God!, Informative-Relevant, Very-Useful-Information, Scary-Informative-Talk, Honest-Informative-Helpful, Informative-Realistic-Engaging, Candid-Informative-Resourceful, Mind-Blowing-Scary-Communication... “


Class Structure

We customize training for specific audiences. The following class formats can be mixed and matched, and delivered in different locations to suit the clients/community needs:   


In Spring Branch ISD we held 4 days of training:

4 - Four-hour classes for School Admin and Law Enforcement 

2 - Two-hour sessions for Parents, a morning session, and an evening session

1 - Student Session

1 - All day session attend by 28 student volunteers to create Students Against Sexting Group


In Doha, Qatar we held 2 days of training:

1 - Student Session for 6th Grade

1 - Student Session for 7th Grade

1 - Student Session for 8th Grade 

2 - Two-hour sessions for Parents, a morning session, and an evening session

2 - Faculty & Staff Sessions


We are only limited by your imagination (and AV equipment.)  When coming to your community we deliver 8 full hours, in multiple sessions, with various groups. We have trained every place imaginable including gyms, churches, libraries & lunchrooms. The important thing is, get the info out, 5th graders to CEO's!    


Cell Phone Contracts

This is just ONE example! There are many. Use what works best for you. Try a Google search for 'parent-child cell phone contract'.

NextGenTraining Sexting YouTube Playlist

Includes the full clips of videos shown in class and many other resources videos not shown in class


FBI Parents Guide to Internet Safety


Should I Just Smash My Kid’s Phone


Internet Blockers and Control Software


Cell Phone Parental Control Software






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