Internet & Social Media Safety Courses: Internet Predators: Sexting, Sextortion, & Human Trafficking  

1970's-1980's - US 

2017 - THEM

#1 Emerging Crime U.S. and World Wide


Internet Safety: Presentations for Schools, Kids, Parents, Churchs & Community - Same topics as below customized in time and audience-age-appropriate materials.   


Internet Predators: Sexting, Sextortion, & Human Trafficking for Law Enforcement & Administrators 
Class Objectives:

  1. How Predators take advantage of the communication gap between Digital Immigrants & Digital Natives*

  2. Desensitizing, grooming, mental and technical hacking to gain information, pictures, video, money, and meetings. 

  3. Types of Predators & Bullies: School/Local, organized crime, companies 

  4. Prevention, Education & Monitoring

  5. Bullying, Suicide, Peer Pressure & Social Media 

  6. Today's apps for social media, hiding files and more.

  7. Preventing Predators: A Team Approach

  8. Federal & State Laws

  9. Victim groups - Pre-teens, teens, recently divorced/widowed, military, etc.  

  • NOT a computer forensics class (Forensics experts have rated it highly) 

  • Heavy focus on pre-teens & teens 

  • Texas LE - If you have taken my Sexting course in 2016-2017 80% of the materials is the same, sadly predators are always using new techniques       

Example Times for Different Audiences: 

6 hour Class  - Criminal Justice - Police Patrol, Detectives, SRO's, Juvenile Judges, Probation, District Attorneys and DA Investigators.  

School Administration - Counselors, Principals, Teachers 


2 hours - Parents, community & church groups 

1.5 hrs  - Kids and Teens


"Digital Citizenship" education using magic tricks, comedy and dancing make children, parents & schools ...

THINK  they know what's on the web;

BELIEVE they are smarter than they are;   

FEEL like they are prepared to deal with anyone online;

Predators LOVE this type of training because it gives the parents, children, and schools a false sense of security.  


20 years as a professional law enforcement trainer AND the mother of a teen. This is the same info I give my SON & his friends to warn, protect and EMPOWER them!   




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