Personality Types for Motivation & Teamwork

Skills Obtained:

Knowledge of personality types: yours and others, to use in leadership, team-building, communication.

Course Description:

The personality assessment tool NGT utilizes is True Colors. Awareness of your personality style and others can help you mitigate stress in all relationships in your life. The ability of a supervisor to “read” personalities can aide you in motivating, working with, and coaching them. The capacity of a team is determined by a supervisor’s and team member's ability to capitalize on the strengths of each member. This course is extremely interactive.

Course Objectives:

  • The four personality types and sub-types
  • Identify their own, and others’ personality types, values, stressors and preferred style of communication
  • Work and build teams more successfully with various personality styles
  • Reap the benefits of diverse skills and styles to improve personal communication skills and improve team performance
  • Use these skills to improve personal relations and decrease stress

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