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Cultural Intelligence:                           The Best D*^& Diversity Class EVER!

Skills Obtained: Knowledge of various cultures specifically as it applies to policing, police safety, communication, and building respect delivered with a generous dose of humor.  Click HERE for video

Course Description: This course is based on EDUCATION, not guilt or “sensitivity”. You have NEVER been to a class like this. Learn about body language, eye-contact, proximity, ways of thinking, language, and values. 

This course has enhanced agency morale, crime prevention, supervision, investigation, and community relations in several cities. An effort is made to address the specific cultural groups found in your area. 

Course Objectives:

  • The demographic changes taking place
  • Stereotypes and myths for gender, race, religion, profession, and sexuality; where they come from and how they impact everyone
  • How various cultures use eye-contact, space, and volume differently
  • Misinterpretation can elevate situations affecting officer safety
  • Build trust and accurate understanding through knowledge
  • Values/Traits/Clashing of the following cultures: Euro-Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern, Native American and police
  • Generational, Disabled, and Homosexual cultures are also discussed
  • Build a diverse agency for the future

We only show classes open for "public" registration. Conference bookings or private classes are not published. Several of our trainers teach multiple topics.

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