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Next Generation Training classes are built with adult learning principles, cutting edge technology, current research and best practices. Our trainers are passionate, educated and experienced.

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Alzheimer’s & Autism Public Safety Response

This class provides participants with the knowledge and information needed for effective response to calls involving people with Alzheimer's or Autism, their caretakers, and community members. Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Dispatchers, and their supervisors, need accurate information and understanding to work with and to ensure the safety of citizens, caregivers and responders when dealing with these individuals who may not comprehend or comply with verbal commands, when frightened can present a threat, and often cannot process life threatening conditions like dehydration or extreme temperatures.

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Community Oriented Policing/Government & Campus

The Community Oriented Government (COG), or Community Oriented Policing (COP) course is designed to introduce law enforcement, government, and community leaders to the philosophy and concepts of COP for 2015. The COP philosophy is implemented in the ENTIRE Department: creating trust, reducing crime, fear, red tape, and improving the safety and the quality of life for all.


Critical Employee Emergency Planning CEEP

Your response to an emergency is only as good as your people. Your people can only be present and effective when they know their families are safe. This course addresses all the policies, plans and responses your agency should have in place before a disaster strikes your community.

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Cultural Intelligence - Diversity Training Based on Education & Information NOT GUILT!

This course is based on EDUCATION and delivered with a generous dose of humor, not guilt or “sensitivity.” Learn about body language, eye-contact, ways of thinking, expression, values & how ALL of these applies to policing, police safety, communication & building respect with co-workers & community members.

Internet Safety/Predators - Sexting, Sextortion, & Human Trafficking customized per audience

This is NOT a "Digital Citizenship" or "Just Say No" Class. This course shares how the Predators (Individual, peers, organized crime & companies) manipulate, lie, invade and exploit.

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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Victims of Human Trafficking are young children, teenagers, men, and women. Most police think, “It doesn’t happen in my town,” but it happens more than most think. Almost all underage prostitutes are victims. Victims of Human Trafficking are subjected to force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor. After drug dealing, trafficking of humans is tied with arms dealing and is the fastest growing.

Managing Generations

Law Enforcement agencies are experiencing new leadership challenges these days. With four different generations in the workforce and our cities, it is increasingly difficult to supervise officers and have officers communicate well. Each age group brings with it its own expectations, values, work styles and characteristics, which are often misunderstood by other Generations.

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Personality Styles & Effective Teams

Awareness of your personality style and others can help you mitigate stress in all relationships in your life. The ability of a supervisor to “read” personalities can aid you in motivating, working with, and coaching them. The capacity of a team is determined by a supervisor’s and team member's ability to capitalize on the strengths of each member. This course is extremely interactive.

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Procedural Justice: Transparency & Fairness Inside Out

Most Procedural Justice courses focus exclusively on theory and ideology, our 8-hour class uses case studies, videos, and policy to show PRACTICAL APPLICATION of how Procedural Justice is applied within an agency and community.

Representing the Badge

Social Media in Disasters

This course examines disasters that have taken place worldwide since 2005 and extracts the best and worst social media practices from them. Participants will gain familiarity with several social media platforms, and an extensive film library is available on the NextGenTraining YouTube channel to refer back to and aid in implementing these lessons to their communities.

Strategic Social Media

This class shows how to use social media as a purposeful tool to achieve your Agencies Mission, Goals and branding. This will mean changing the view of it in your Department from a feel-good-PIO-add-on to a purposeful communication tool to provide transparency, legitimacy, voice, inside and outside your agency, and REPLACES the old system of media-driven information in your community.