Course Cost & Booking

Excellent Training at Reasonable Cost

Option 1:

Open Registration, You Host, Advertise, Attendees Pay, Your People Attend Free*

Next Generation Training provides: Trainer(s), participant handouts, certificates, advertising flyer, advertising, online registration, payment processing.

Host provides: Advertising*, training room, A/V & free parking. (Refreshments appreciated)

Minimum 20 paid participants $150.00 each

*Host agency receives 2 free seats per 10 paid participants. Example: 20 paid = 4 host slots / 40 paid = 8 host slots

Option 2:

Agency/School/Business/ Individual Coaching -

You Pay & Invite

Agency/School Specific Training -

Audience any size, No minimum or maximum audience size

$1500 per day training + expenses*

*Hotel, transportation, meals, possibly travel days

Can include multiple presentations in a day. Example: Social Media / Internet Safety Morning & Afternoon Presentations in School for kids / PM Presentation for Parents

Hosts provide: Venue, A/V, audience, prints handouts & certificates if needed.

Next Generation Training Tips for Successfully Promoting Classes

When promoting an event, whether to internal personnel or community members, there are tips & tricks for success.

People are more likely to act on information they hear multiple times in different formats or channels. It may seem like you are bombarding them, but remember, most people will not see every notice.

  1. FREQUENCY - Allow 6 weeks to advertise. Send notices at least TWICE a week using different methods, and of course, a reminder the day before.
  2. DIVERSITY - People have different hot buttons, vary your advertising. Use WIIFM - What In It For ME? Think of different interest, ages, departments, personalities (funny, serious, facts vs. feelings, paper & electronic (signs, email, text, fax, social media including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.)
  3. SOURCES - Local Advertising Efforts really determine whether an event is a success or not! If people hear of an event from multiple credible sources it has more weight, reach out to local partners and ASK them to share in meetings, social media, etc.
    • Police & Sheriff's Dept's - Social media, meetings, letter from Chief, Principal, School Resource Officer, etc.
    • Local Businesses - Social media, flyers on doors, they may even donate sponsorship or door prizes (check legality)
    • Active members on Twitter, NextDoor, Facebook, etc.
    • Media - Local papers & news are always looking for local interest stories to cover
  4. INFORMATION - Have your flyer ready in paper & electronic formats READY to GO, on your phone at all times! You may make a connection in a meeting or store. Make sure EVERY message & format has Name of event, time, place, contact name, number & a link if there is one! A picture is worth 100 words and videos even more! P.S. Facebook EVENT pages are free and easy to set up.

5. Other Tips:

a. Build a diverse team, include them in the advertising & reach

b. Neighboring agencies, schools or groups email, listservs & direct messaging

c. Regional Meetings – Community Groups, Chief's, Church's, etc.

c. Websites & Newsletters (Academies, Associations, etc.)


Take pictures, get a headcount & offer a mailing list sign up, & POST afterwards! If you can, get evaluations or short video testimonials, or if the media covers it, SHARE THOSE CLIPS! (Remember Privacy concerns)


Show you are progressive & host successful events, people will want to be a part of your next one!

Information x Frequency x Diversity x Sources = Attendance

What other ways do YOU use?? Let us know!