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With a combined 50+ years in Police and Public Safety Training, Daphne and Hank have worked with excellent trainers from across the country and world. Our cadre of trainers have expertise in numourous areas and ensure a perfect fit!

Daphne Levenson

Daphne Levenson was raised in Dallas TX and graduated from the University of North Texas in Denton with an Interdisciplinary Degree in Adult Education and Cultural Diversity. She worked as a corporate trainer before moving to Louisiana and started training police officers, government and community members for the Office of Community Oriented Policing - Department of Justice. She became Director of the Gulf States Regional Center for Public Safety Innovations; GSRCPI trained over 50,000 people across the nation in 17 years. Daphne also served as Executive Director of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police for 7 years.

In 2014 the Levenson’s moved back to Texas. She and her husband (retired police LT. Hank Levenson) now deliver training through their own company Next Generation Training on topics such as Social Media, Alzheimer’s Response, Community Policing, Diversity, Procedural Justice and several other topics. Most recently Daphne has been teaching Sexting and Sextortion classes for Police, schools, parents and teens as far away as Doha, Qatar.

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Hank Levenson

Hank Levenson retired from the Gretna Police Department in Louisiana after 26 years in March of 2005 as a Lieutenant. His law enforcement career included certification as a State Post Instructor, 19 years as a Patrol Commander supervising Sergeants, Patrol Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, and 911 Dispatchers. Throughout his career he managed large special projects such as Mardi Gras parades and music festivals. He wrote his agencies Field Training Officers Manual and the Performance Appraisal System which were also adopted by other agencies.

During his police career Hank taught nationally for the U.S. Department of Justice, several U.S. Attorneys offices, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Although he retired just prior to Hurricane Katrina, he returned to his department to take command of the operations center after the storm for several weeks. Hank graduated from the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville, earned a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Mountain State University and a Master’s Degree in Justice Administration from Norwich University. He is a Past President and life member of the Southern Police Institute Alumni Association.

Since retiring Hank moved to Texas and started Next Generation Training. In addition to teaching his own courses he also trains for the University of Illinois Center for Public Safety and Justice, The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) as well as numerous other Law Enforcement and Government Organizations. He specializes in areas of Leadership, Procedural Justice, Alzheimer’s Awareness and Generational Differences. Additionally, for the past several years has done corporate training with large companies such as Maritz Inc., General Motors, Chrysler and Kia.

Lt. Henry (Hank) Levenson can be reached at

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