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Straight From the Source

​Daphne was quite knowledgeable and superb in her presentation style. Her experience with law enforcement and both as a parent really brings it all together. She provides insights that every parent and every law enforcement officer and agency must have. We are living in a whole new world folks and if you think you are safe, let Daphne walk you through the mired world our youth are facing.

Daphne is an outstanding instructor in the area of Community Policing/ Governance that brings local police departments in partnership with a variety of organizations within the private and nonprofit sectors: including hospitals, mental health professionals, local business owners, social service agencies, local legislators, and others in an effort to focus on problems that are systemic in nature. 

Mike Alexander - Former Police Chief & City Manager, Palestine Texas

​I have attended Social Media Training provided by Daphne Levenson. Her courses and teaching style are "top-notch" moving our agency out of the dark ages in the use of social media to get our message out marketing both the Texarkana Police Department and City to our community.

She was well prepared and provided good training and value for the money spent on the social media class. We hope to have her come back to Texarkana in the future to provide additional training opportunities for our officers.

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